Tales from Beyond

by Grimmage

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Héctor Hurtado Grooscors
Héctor Hurtado Grooscors thumbnail
Héctor Hurtado Grooscors Simply amazing. Superb mix of heavy doom and stoner. Recommended! Favorite track: Hunter.
Jimi thumbnail
Jimi A lot of things are going on here, and all of them are handled and blended with such a good taste. Favorite track: Hunter.
Benjamin Bouniol
Benjamin Bouniol thumbnail
Benjamin Bouniol A stoner and doom perfection with the psychedlic side of Edgar Broughton Band. Such a well created atmosphere that never leaves during this entire listen. You can even hear a touch of black metal in Wasteland. Favorite track: Wasteland.
FDJ thumbnail
FDJ How good is this album? Well let me tell you it's fuckin' mind blowing!
Post -rock with dark doom undertones that just gets better track by glorious track.
God I love this album!!!! Favorite track: Black Wings.
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Black Wings 08:59
Black Wings, come carry me through the endless night. I once was, so damn naiv darkness in me, once more denied, I allways was , a slave of my own believes: That I had to rescue every one, but me. Step right up hear the calls embrace the mind to break through the walls Eternal fire , burn it all down they didn´t want the release of the god that lives inside. But I´m not alone, the whole city´s on fire with me. Step right up hear the calls embrace the mind to break through the walls
Magic Rites 07:47
Open the graves, let the dead walk free again. Rake the old fires, bring them witches back to us. Celebrate rites, let the magic flow into your veins. Unholy words, `till the light all disappears. Howl with the wolfs, melodies of tragedy. Embrace the moon, death may come too soon. Bring out the slaves, build a city, high above. When destiny fades, be creative having fun.
Hunter 08:58
I was born as a hunter, and thats what I still am. My father always used me, to be what he once was. He said:"Killing is what men are made for, and that all women are filthy whores. Mother left for no reason, and don´t try to find her nearby." Today I wanna shoot him, just to bring me back to life. All that pain I never wanted, has to go away. Somehow I like killing too, but I can`t clear my mind to see things through. Now we live in the darkest corner of blackwood, where no human stops by for some food. And every night I wake up, from the same dream I ever had : Father and I on a hunting, and it was me, who hunted him down. Today I wanna shoot him, just to bring me back to life.
Wasteland 08:50
"Every second into past, is wasted time, tomorrow comes too fast." I said to myself, but nightmares still coming back. And I wander through this desert, I once called life. Away from you, from myself. Too many words: unspoken, too many lies: forgiven, too much heart: wasted, too many time: wasted! When the day turned out, to be dark, as I like it. I´m not scared, nor afraid of, what might happen in the hole. So I said a prayer to the night, and I said a prayer to the fight. The struggle to survive is holding me back from feeling alive.
Calypso 09:22


The 5 Track Demo,
mastered by Role, www.die-Tonmeisterei.de


released February 22, 2015


all rights reserved



Grimmage Lüneburg, Germany

Music from the darkness for the darkness, driven by the band’s familiar call: “Carry me through the endless night” from the song “Black Wings”, opener of their 2015 debut album “Tales from Beyond”.
The three men from the north persistently employ a religious antithesis, deal intensively with occult and satanic content, and intrepidly stare into the abyss that is the human soul.
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