Tales from Beyond

by Grimmage

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Héctor Hurtado Grooscors
Héctor Hurtado Grooscors thumbnail
Héctor Hurtado Grooscors Simply amazing. Superb mix of heavy doom and stoner. Recommended! Favorite track: Hunter.
Jimi thumbnail
Jimi A lot of things are going on here, and all of them are handled and blended with such a good taste. Favorite track: Hunter.
Benjamin Bouniol
Benjamin Bouniol thumbnail
Benjamin Bouniol A stoner and doom perfection with the psychedlic side of Edgar Broughton Band. Such a well created atmosphere that never leaves during this entire listen. You can even hear a touch of black metal in Wasteland. Favorite track: Wasteland.
FDJ thumbnail
FDJ How good is this album? Well let me tell you it's fuckin' mind blowing!
Post -rock with dark doom undertones that just gets better track by glorious track.
God I love this album!!!! Favorite track: Black Wings.
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The 5 Track Demo,
mastered by Role, www.die-Tonmeisterei.de


released February 22, 2015



all rights reserved


Grimmage Lüneburg, Germany

Founded in 2012 by Martin Mälzer (guitar/vocals) and Markus (bass). The first songs where guitar/bass with electronic drums and theatrical voice. After creating several songs, Yannick (drums) joined the band and the direction changed from Industrial to Stoner/Doom Metal. ... more

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Track Name: Black Wings
Black Wings, come carry me
through the endless night.
I once was, so damn naiv
darkness in me, once more denied,
I allways was , a slave of my own believes:
That I had to rescue every one, but me.

Step right up
hear the calls
embrace the mind
to break through the walls

Eternal fire , burn it all down
they didn´t want the release
of the god that lives inside.
But I´m not alone,
the whole city´s on fire with me.

Step right up
hear the calls
embrace the mind
to break through the walls
Track Name: Magic Rites
Open the graves,
let the dead walk free again.
Rake the old fires,
bring them witches back to us.
Celebrate rites,
let the magic flow into your veins.
Unholy words,
`till the light all disappears.

Howl with the wolfs,
melodies of tragedy.
Embrace the moon,
death may come too soon.
Bring out the slaves,
build a city, high above.
When destiny fades,
be creative having fun.
Track Name: Hunter
I was born as a hunter,
and thats what I still am.
My father always used me,
to be what he once was.
He said:"Killing is what men are made for,
and that all women are filthy whores.
Mother left for no reason,
and don´t try to find her nearby."

Today I wanna shoot him,
just to bring me back to life.

All that pain I never wanted,
has to go away.
Somehow I like killing too,
but I can`t clear my mind to see things through.
Now we live in the darkest corner of blackwood,
where no human stops by for some food.

And every night I wake up, from the same dream I ever had :
Father and I on a hunting,
and it was me, who hunted him down.

Today I wanna shoot him,
just to bring me back to life.
Track Name: Wasteland
"Every second into past,
is wasted time, tomorrow comes too fast."
I said to myself, but nightmares still coming back.
And I wander through this desert,
I once called life.
Away from you,
from myself.

Too many words: unspoken,
too many lies: forgiven,
too much heart: wasted,
too many time: wasted!

When the day turned out,
to be dark, as I like it.
I´m not scared, nor afraid of,
what might happen
in the hole.

So I said a prayer to the night,
and I said a prayer to the fight.
The struggle to survive
is holding me back
from feeling alive.